About Me

My name is Shane Thompson, I am a photographer, filmmaker, and family man.  I live in Southern California with my wife and son.  If i’m not filming a commercial, or shooting product shots in the studio, I am most likely to be found at a hockey game, or at the beach.

I have been a working photographer for the last 20 years. My photos have been published around the world, from small companies to large publications such as National Geographic.  My images have won numerous local, national, and international awards.

I have been a filmmaker for the last few years, in that time I have had the privilege of filming a number of documentary films as well as numerous commercials and live events.

I have a bachelors degree in Digital Media from Weber State University, and I am currently working on a Masters of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema Production.

My clients include National Geographic, and the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team, as well as Getty, Corbis, Alamy, and most other large stock agencies.